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  • Old fashioned rally, craigville Beach, APril 21, 11:00am

    Please join us for a rally on Sunday, April 21th at 11:00am – 1:00pm.

    Protecting our land, waters, and local control. Speakers from across New England.

    Grassroots citizen groups UNITED

    Bring your lawn signs!

    Refreshments, media & drone footage

  • Lisa Quattrocki Knight, M.D., PhD @ “Close to the Wind” Summit for Save Greater Dowses Beach

  • Close to the Wind Summit 01/27/24 – Cliff Carroll

  • Meetup of Barnstable leaders, offshore wind execs delayed, pending seating of new council

    An anticipated, face-to-face dialogue between Barnstable town leaders and executives from Avangrid Renewables, tentatively planned Thursday, will be put off until a later date, yet to be determined..

  • Osterville Library Open House, Commonwealth Wind, dowses beach 12/13/2023

  • news article, 11/17/2023

    Cape Cod residents say no to offshore wind transmission lines under beaches

    Three iconic beaches are slated to be landing spots for high-voltage cables carrying power from offshore wind. But not if these residents get their way…

  • Centerville, Park city wind open House 11/9/2023

  • Special town council meeting 10/23/2023

  • Barnstable town council pauses offshore wind projects

    Article from the Cape Cod Times, 10-10-2023

    With the future of Avangrid’s Park City Wind and Commonwealth Wind projects in limbo after the offshore wind developer backed out of previously negotiated power purchase agreements in two states, members of the Barnstable Town Council are reining in further action related to the projects, for now.

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