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Avangrid’s proposed Park City Wind and Commonwealth Wind projects will require the laying of high voltage electrical cables under Barnstable’s beaches, rivers and residential and commercial streets and the construction of large electric substations above the Cape’s sole-source aquifer – the Cape’s only source for drinking water – this is a major concern for community members! While alternative sources of energy such as solar and wind can be beneficial to the population, installing–these permanent power lines in the water and power substation on land will permanently alter an already fragile beach ecosystem, disrupt the community and potentially endanger the Cape’s drinking water supply.

Usually, such heavy voltage installations are done in industrial zones or away from residential areas. These proposed projects are much too close to the beaches, homes and recreational areas of Barnstable and potential issues such as water contamination and EMF exposure have been shown to be concerns.

Water contamination due to this work could have drastic effects on the quality of our drinking water and the aquifers that the entire Cape’s water is obtained from. These are very fragile systems that each town in Barnstable County rely on for water to drink.

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